Wandering Bahlatha

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Long in tooth it happened then,
I found my gloved hand stroking her
She looked long at my aching knees
And saw me riding side saddle there

Her coat lay in want of grooming
And never wavering, her ghastly gait
Trotted in my imagination and my want,
To be a horse, myself untied

My thirst for adventure took me there
Into the swamp of June’s damp heat
Where I lay in a mattress of wet bugs
And wanted to be near to her gallop

I met her on the road from the town
Wandering Bahlatha, her bleeding gums
She was unpinned and was not tame
To her master there was no answer

We spoke to each other through apples
And I thought her too keen to hold
To sly to trade food for ownership
Even to the likes of my chained spirit

Yet I mounted her unfettered neck  that day
We rode together into muck of June
Be it filled with stars and wanting things
We passed for gods flying over them


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